€850+ million

annual valuations

200+ years

joint valuation experience

800+ files

completed annually


As an independent valuation and consulting firm founded in 1904, we have been valuing business movable property such as equipment, assets, stock inventory, accounts receivable and work in progress portfolios across various industries. Our experienced and certified specialists operate with great meticulousness. In addition to movable property, we also value a variety of registered property, including commercial real estate, aircraft and ships.


We carry out audits of stock inventory and accounts receivable whereby we not only provide the valuation, but also map out the entire administrative and business processes. In addition to a snapshot, we are able to use our unique analysis and valuation software NTAB Smart Stock to provide our clients with insight into working capital and risk profile at varying moments.


We advise our clients on the optimal method of sale and, if required, facilitate its implementation. In addition, we also provide advice on a business restart, prepare backup scenarios, prepare budgets for estate loans and handle the settlement of third-party rights. We also organize custody, temporary insurance, security and everything necessary to achieve optimum sales results for our clients.

About NTAB

NTAB is an independent valuation and consulting firm, founded in 1904. Our team consists of certified appraisers, legal and financial experts. Thanks to our many years of experience, digital innovations, fast working methods and involvement, we have become a household name when it comes to valuing movable property. We are also an expert partner in advising and supervising sales processes. We work for banks, trustees, asset-based lenders, accountants, investors, courts and companies, amongst others.